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My staff and I value each one of our patients.  So when we developed our website (, we had for two objectives in mind:

1)  To improve communications with you, our loyal patient.

2)  To better serve you better, our loyal patient.


I take your privacy as seriously as I do the quality of your dental healthcare.  So your personal and dental health information is secured and protected by 128-bit SSL encryption.


On our website, you will able able to: 

Request a dental appointment;  Refer our office to your family or friends;  Get office directions; Get dental education;  Offer patient feedback;  Fill out new patient forms online (This is very revolutionary!!!  Then you just have to sign the digital signature pad when you come to the office.  This is a huge time saver.  Everybody has loved this!); See your family or personal account information; See patient, insurance and employer information;  See your previous treatments, insurance benefit standing balances;  See dental treatment plans you still need to have completed; See account information, aging account balances with summaries based on estimated insurance claims, if applicable; See ledger balances and YTD summary balances;  See upcoming appointment date(s); Pay your bill with electronic check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express.


New Patient Forms” Link

This is for new patients or for existing patients that need to update their information.  Please read and fill out the Smith General Dentistry New Patient forms completely.  This will save you time in the office.  Upon completion, click “Submit”.  Then, simply sign the digital signature pad when you come to the office for your appointment.  They can be done for each member of the family.  This is a huge time saver.


“Patient Information” Link

You will need to use your Username and Password. You may choose your own Username and Password.  If you haven’t already set this up with our office, to get your Username and Password for our website, click “Sign Up”.  Answer a few questions fully and click “Submit.”  You will receive an email once your account is available for you to use.


Once you sign in to the “Patient Information” link, you may do the following:


“Family” Sublink From the "Patient Information" Link

Shows family or personal account information.


“Patient” Sublink From the "Patient Information" Link

Shows patient, insurance and employer information.


“Treatment” Sublink From the "Patient Information" Link

Shows your recent treatments and insurance benefit standing balances.


“Treatment Plan” Sublink From the "Patient Information" Link

Shows dental treatment plan(s) Dr. Smith has prescribed for you that have not been done.


“Account” Sublink From the "Patient Information" Link

Shows account information, aging account balance, summaries are based on estimated insurance claims, if applicable.


“Ledger” Sublink From the "Patient Information" Link

Shows ledger with balances and YTD summary balances.


“Appointment” Sublink From the "Patient Information" Link

Shows of all your future scheduled dental appointment(s).


“Pay Now” Sublink From the "Patient Information" Link

You may pay your bill by electronic check, Visa, MC, Amex or Discover.


“Patient Feedback” Link

You may originate an evaluation of us.  Please let us know how we are doing.


“Refer Our Office” Link

Here you may refer your family and friends to us.  We thank you!!!


“Contact Us” Link

If you’d like to send our office an email.


“Pay Online” Link

This takes you to the “Secure Login” page. Then go to the “Pay Now Link”.


Thank you for being with us!!!





-Gregg A. Smith, D.D.S.


Gregg A. Smith, D.D.S.
3912 E. 31st Street, Tulsa, OK 74135
Office: 918-747-0850, Fax 918-747-0863

          is a great tool for our patients.  You can:  Fill out "Paperless Patient Forms" to digitally sign in our office; View upcoming appointments; Request appointments; Refer family and friends; Get dental education.  When you  enroll through the "Patient Information" link or through our office, you can:  View and pay your bill by electronic check, Visa, MC, Discover and Amex; Review previous treatments, as well as needed treatments not performed yet and much more!!!